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Products & Services >> IAMR(Intelligent Automatic Meter Reading)

The electrical network consists of many substations, feeders and distribution transformers (DT). Analysis of the meter reading data requires an effective solution.

Fast meter data collection reduces the billing cycle resulting in improved cash flows for energy suppliers.

  1. IAMR modem collects data continuously from energy meters on the field and delivers this data to the centralized base station through wireless (GSM/GPRS) communication media
  2. Offers automatic data collection at pre-defined schedules
  3. Web based software facilitates data collection and viewing from multiple locations or sites
  4. Data can be used for billing, audit, and analysis or with any other applications through industry standard XML format
  5. Data can be shared seamlessly with the billing software to generate the consumer energy bills
  6. Consumer information module helps to maintain entire consumer database for quick reference
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