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For over six years, Cura has developed enterprise solutions that have assisted over 200 organizations meet their Risk and Compliance needs. Cura is considered a leading GRC vendor by Gartner Research and Forrester Research. Today, you too can benefit from Cura's proven track record, integrated web services platform and services as over 200 other customers have experienced.

The vision for Cura stems from the need for a 'new-age' SMARTER software solution to meet the Governance, Risk Management, Compliance requirements of diverse organizations.

Cura has a dedicated team of thought leaders and a user group network that ensures the latest trends and thought leadership is brought into the product feature set.

Cura has developed an enterprise solution that meets organizational needs such as:

  1. Corporate governance requirements place increasingly onerous demands on the organization and its board of directors. These officers need to have information that they can understand clearly and easily.
  2. Assurance presented in a concise and accurate fashion relating to risk management and compliance practices
  3. Accurately represent business models, operations and structures, with inherent flexibility for change and growth
  4. Deal with complexity, different approaches to solving each issue, and aggregate, normalize and provide clarity through the convergence of the disparate data
  5. GRC needs to be embedded throughout the business and thus users require on-line, real-time access to their information which is not limited by bandwidth or server performance.
  6. Integration with existing systems in a seamless and simple process by providing open standards and web services

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